Salon Policies

 Our salon has policies in place in order to give our clients a

pleasurable and satisfying experience.

 *We ask that 24 hour notice is given to us for any rescheduling or canceling any appointments so we may  

   accommodate accordingly. 

* While we understand things come up unexpectedly, If you miss more than one appointment, it may result with

    an extra charge and/or we may not be able to pre-book appointments for you any longer. Please inform your stylist if you would like a reminder call, text or email so this can be avoided.

* Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are late it may result in your stylist not having adequate time 

    to complete your full service or complete your service at all. If you are running late, please call the salon and ask your stylist if there is still time for your service at your earliest convenience.

*One discount may be given per visit, per client.

* Coupons and discounts are taken off of our REGULAR prices.

* If a client has a credit owed to him/her it is for that client only.

* Military discounts are for those with a military ID. We may ask to see it. Please ask your stylist for this discount     at each appointment.

* Senior discounts may be applied to your service, please ask your stylist if you qualify for this discount. 

* We guarantee our work if recommended, PROFESSIONAL products are used and used correctly as

    recommended. Please notify us of pregnancy, allergies, past reactions, conditions or illnesses you may


* Although we cannot give cash refunds all of our services are guaranteed for 2 weeks after the original

   service. Re-dos do not include a clients change of mind of color/style choices. If you have any concerns

   please contact the salon at your earliest convenience.

* Parking is available directly in front of our salon and in front of any business in our mall. There are 2 handicap

    parking spaces just feet from our door. We are happy to help anyone and/or anyone disabled come into our


* Any 'raffle' or donated gift certificates are to be used by the recipient only. No cash change can be given if

    entire certificate is not used. Donated gift certificates can only be used for services. They must be used within 

    one year of issue date. There are no exceptions. 

*There are no refunds given on gift certificates. 

* No gift certificates, letters with discounts or coupons may be used past the expiration date which is one year

   past the issue date or a different date is marked. They must be used by recipient only. No cash change can be

   given on gift certificates. Lost or stolen gift certificates are not replaceable.

*Our salon offers various teas, coffees, water, hot chocolate and treats to clients. Please let us know of any

   allergies you may have. 

*Our salon can only use our supplies, chemical, tools and implements. No products may be brought into our

   salon for our stylists to use.

*We regret we cannot be responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal articles.

*We welcome children into our salon. We also have concerns for the safety of your children, as we use various

  chemicals, sharp and hot tools that can be dangerous. Children under 8 years old MUST be attended by someone other than the client. Clients are responsible for any damage to our salon and any tools that can   

  be damaged from unsupervised children.  We have books, toys and videos for them to watch while you are

  getting a service. All children not receiving a service must stay in the allotted waiting area.

  While this policy helps ensure that all guests enjoy a relaxing salon experience, it was created with your child’s

  safety in mind.

*Our salon supports an "OPEN CHAIR POLICY".  Please go to the stylist of your choice even if it may mean

  switching between stylists. Your satisfaction is our priority!  Our salon works as a TEAM. This may mean that

  during your visit that more than one stylist may work with you to give you the best total experience we can! You 

  are welcome to make any requests for specific stylists to work with you!